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New Central heating / Boiler Installations and what is involved?

If you are thinking of replacing or upgrading your current boiler or full heating system, I will evaluate your home layout, family lifestyle and purse size to determine the best system to suit your needs.

What happens prior to a boiler installation?

I will come to your home to discuss whether a new boiler is what you really require because an old boiler can be maintained for many years by our repair specialist through means of regular servicing or repairs, providing your boiler parts are still available.

On the occasion that you decide to go ahead with an installation, I will need to assess which power of boiler suits your needs. Each room in your home will be measured to give an accurate measurement of heat that is required to keep your home warm.

It is worth considering at this stage whether you wish to power a shower with the new boiler because this will

Once the strength of your boiler is ascertained you will be guided through the various makes of boilers on the market. Installers often prefer particular brands; our boiler repair specialist will want to install a boiler that he trusts not to breakdown. The company's reputation is important so you will be guided towards reliable boilers. Reliability needn't be costly there are some excellent affordable boilers on the market.

The most suitable position to mount the boiler will be chosen between us.

Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are often best sited at an equal distance between the bathroom and Kitchen to gain optimum fuel efficiency while using hot water in these rooms.

You may prefer to have the new boiler installed in the same position as the old one to minimise the need to redecorate, the options accessible to your home layout will be covered during the assessment.

I will inform you of the benefits of replacing old radiators during the installation or the need to power flush old radiators prior to installing your new boiler. The radiators purchased will be good quality bearing a 10 year manufacturer guarantee. Each radiator will match the room's BTU (heat) calculation assuring you are kept cosy and warm in every room. Quotations are free so why not request a two-part quote, the first part to cover the cost of just the boiler replacement and a further cost to incorporate new radiators?

In the event you opt for the 'boiler only' preference, it is essential that you read through the power flushing page. New Combi boilers should not be installed to sludge filled radiators. Dirty residue remaining within the Central Heating System may severely shorten the life expectancy of the boiler and jeopardise the boiler warranty.

How much disruption to your home and decor will a new boiler installation involve?

It is often better for the occupant to leave the home during the plumbers working hours (usually 9-4) because it will involve disruption to water, gas and electrical services for short periods of time and it may be necessary to keep the front and back door open while draining down the old system using a hose pipe.

It usually requires 3 people to install a full Central heating system and they bring with than many tool boxes! which can be potential trip hazards.

Your old boiler will be removed from its current position and this will leave a void where it previously stood. Many clients prefer to install the new boiler in this acquired gap to minimise the need to decorate but bear in mind that the new boiler dimensions may not match the old and it may not be the most fuel efficient position.

Where does the waste gas go?

The new boiler must dispense waste gasses through a flue. The flue is usually fitted above the boiler and fed to the outside by boring a hole through the wall or it can be sent up through the roof. A condensation pipe will be fitted to the base of the boiler and fed to a suitable waste water outlet and this may involve drilling a further hole to the outside wall.

It is usually necessary to make adjustments to your sting pipe work to enable the boiler to connect up to supplies of water and gas. The extent of disruption to your home's furniture layout, decor, ceilings and floors to access the pipes will depend on its current layout together with where you wish to have the new boiler sited. Various positioning options should be discussed prior to the date of the installation. There is the possibility that some copper and/or white plastic piping may have to be surface laid meaning it would be visible, but rest assured every effort will be made to hide pipes. Decoration of exposed areas and boxing-in of pipes are not undertaken and so these are not quoted.

Power flushing the system to cleanse old radiators and pipes is time consuming but this is of little disruption to the home. A machine is connected to the old boiler system, access to the attic is required to cap off the overflow and access to the radiators is required. Protective covering will be used on floors.

New Radiators

If you have opted to have new radiators they will be mounted on new wall mounts. Drain-off valves will be fitted to some radiators to make it easier to drain the system in the future and thermostatic valves will be fitted to allow you to adjust the temperature in each room. Radiator measurements are now metric meaning this is a strong possibility that your new radiators will not be the same size as your old ones and this can cause gaps in your decor if you have not decorated behind the radiators.

What happens once your boiler has been installed?

Once payment for the installation is received in full the boiler details will be entered onto the Gas Safe Register to ensure your property central heating system details are compliant with the latest building regulations. Your new boiler is covered by a free warranty by the manufacturer, to initiate this you must register its details using the telephone number that is usually displayed on the cover of the boiler or complete the warranty card within the boiler paperwork.

Servicing of your new boiler is recommended to be carried out annually.

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