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Boiler / Fire Servicing

It is good practice to service your central heating boiler every year to ensure smooth running and efficiency of your heating system. Many Heating Insurance Policies insist on yearly servicing. There is a recommended service procedure in the boiler manufacturer's instruction book for every boiler so I will ask to see this on arrival; if you don't have this book to hand I will follow the default service procedure set out in the old CORGI 'bible' for gas engineers.

The boiler service will include:

  • Inspection of pipe work, with ventilation and clearance check
  • Full testing of all boiler components and functionality
  • Disassembly and cleaning of key components
  • A visual check to ensure your boiler still meets current standards
  • Checks to ensure flue terminals are unobstructed and internal flue components are sealed properly
  • Gas valve adjusted to check that burner is combusting efficiently and properly (normally using a flue gas analyser).
  • Gas tightness test conducted to ensure no leaks
  • Apply the Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure if necessary.
  • Customers will be informed if any boiler components are faulty or nearing the end of life.
  • The costs of replacing new parts are not included in a boiler service.
  • A gas fire, although appearing to be a more simple appliance, usually takes around the same amount of time as servicing a boiler because the flue/chimney system needs thoroughly checking.
A boiler in service.